sdsp by Yuji Nakada (2012)

sdsp.001 sdsp.002 sdsp.003 sdsp.004 sdsp.005

sdsp is a generative audio installation inspired by kaiten-zushi (also called “conveyor belt sushi” or “sushi-go-round” in English). The work consists of a computer and white-wooden gates attached on the conveyor belts of kaiten-zushi. When passing through the gate, a stream of the sushi is converted into the stream of sound. The sound is generated by a custom-build software that reacts to the signals from an infrared sensor and an image sensor embedded in each gates to read the shape and the color of sushi.

Continuance of the sound expresses the industrialized culture. Past 100 years, industrialization has been at the center of economic and social activity and brought people considerable affluence and convenience. In that context, kaiten-zushi was invented to save time and reduce costs at sushi restaurants with the techniques of rationalization in the industrial production. Becoming a part of the production and consumption process, customers enjoy having a traditional meal.

The sound changes continuously because sushi chefs occasionally add new dishes to the stream and customers pick their selections. The change represents interaction and invisible ad-hoc network among sushi chefs and each customers.

At the Denka Bijutsu show #2sdsp was on display with model trains as an alternative to the conveyor belts of kaiten-zushi.

Yuji Nakada (2012)